When you are just a child you are told that
You are important
We love you
You are an amazing girl
You are beautiful
You are , you are
For years we have been told who we are our parents, friends, teachers and society
all tell us who we are but what about you
Do you ever tell yourself who you are ?
All of sudden names hit you like a tone they suffocate you without anyone seeing the struggle behind the smile you are told to wear everyday.
You are told to act like a young lady should
You are told to conform to society's standards
You are told who to be
But then you are told
You need to lose weight
You aren’t pretty
You aren’t important
You aren’t loved
You are left to feel the pain behind the words the pain behind every smile
You are left to let silent tears fall when all you want is to be held like that small child you once were
But today, yesterday , tomorrow , in a month , a year and three years from now
You get to be you so don't let society come and engulf you with the negative thoughts and feelings instead turn to society and tell it where to stick the negativity and remember
you are important
You are loved
You are beautiful
You are an amazing woman
And You are YOU and nobody else can be a better you than you