most people see home as the place where we go at the end of the day to eat, study and maybe get some rest. if those people are lucky enough to find 'home' in it's real meaning in their houses, i won't argue with them about it. but, for me, home meansq something more than a piece of concrete which we live in. i'm home when i'm in the arms of people i truly love, when i'm listening to that song that makes me imagine myself dancing under the stars and smiling endlessly. i crave the adrenaline, the stunning sunsets out there, that first kiss with that person you are dying to hold, the days when you are far away from your small and medieval town, and all those rare moments in life. making good memories makes me feel at home. i find home in my beach house, which is probably going to be sold very soon. i find home in my window's sill, where i can feel like i'm actually living on the edge without going anywhere, with the wind on my face and the sky making it's greatest impression to me. these are moments where i feel in love. when i'm stuck in a car in the middle of the city traffic, when i'm inside my house wondering what's new out there for me to discover, remembering the feeling of horseback riding really fast, in the middle of nowhere, just feeling that moment, having the wind in my hair... that´s when i feel homesick. i just hope that i can be home soon. i don't care if i'll get there because of the quick appearance of a rainbow after a small storm or just by drinking a small cup of hot tea.