I can. I can't. How am I supposed to feel? I'm upset over nothing, you see. It's not nothing, but it's nothing to her. An ever-loving passion of mine being stepped on because she doesn't like it. That's how it is. She thinks it was poorly made and bad. Everything negative. She's always right. Always. It's frustrating when she isn't, and that's how it usually is.

"I've had more experience."

"I know what these things are like."

"I know he's young and doesn't know as much as I do"

I can't hate her. I want to. I can't, it doesn't exist. The world is stupid and she is superior.

"You children don't even know what this is!"

We weren't taught to know those things. She doesn't even want to teach what she claims to love. Why? How? Is there a reason she doesn't? She doesn't. That's it.

"The good ones have plot, good character development; it's suppose to make sense."

But I love it. It's real. It's a story. It's what life has been like for me. I adore it and I feel stupid for it from the look she's giving me. I can't hate her. I can't yell at her. I want to. A lot. I think it would relieve the suppression. I feel like I could explode because of her. Because of her. I hate her. I can't hate her. God, I hate her.