There is a town. The town with pep in particular. A quaint little town, with a river, historic buildings, and even a famous diner; the only place in the town that is open twenty-four hours.

From the outside looking in, this town is perfect. It had everything you could ask for; But from the inside looking out, that told a different story.

Much had changed about the way the town had used to be, seventy five years prior from then. The town's golden boy, belonging to the richest family in residence had been murdered in the past summer.

Nothing bad had ever happened in the town. It had always stayed the same. This came as a shock to many, especially to residence that would be considered the town's "founding families."; But what would later unravel is only the beginning. Many of them were involved in dark dealings; had dark secrets. Suddenly it became hard to be a kid anymore.

But the door to the famous diner, Pop's Chock' Lit Shoppe, swung open and in came four teenagers, all different in looks. The first into the diner was a boy dressed in jeans, black chucks, and a royal blue and gold varsity jacket, with hair that shone as the color of dark flames. Following him was a girl, dressed in all black, walking in high heeled stilettos, pearls strung around her neck, and with the hair of a raven. Attached to her hip was another girl, crisp and clean, with blonde hair whipped into a perfect ponytail. Pastel colors shone from her clothing, complimented by a soft gloss of the lips. Last but not least, trailed in another boy. This boy, wore a denim jacket, along with rugged boots, and a gray beanie over top of his jet black hair. They strolled in filled with laughter and discussion sliding into a booth near the window, each ordering a different flavored milkshake.

Stress had consumed these teen's lives. Not a day went by where things felt far from normal. But when they sat in that booth at Pop's, all together, they were simply just kids living in the town named Riverdale.

~ This is a dedication to one of my favorite shows, Riverdale that comes on The CW. I hope all of you Riverdale fans enjoyed this, and are as excited as I am for season 2, and what is come in the future for the show!