I was scrolling down just a few minutes ago (In my discovery page) and I saw this article named "The Girl Of My Dreams". Based on it, I started thinking ... maybe having an ideal type of men or women that we like can be really unhelpful when we are trying to find couple. Why? Well, let me explain my thoughts.

If we think of our ideal type, like for example: very tall, with curly and brown hair, green eyes; Oh, and of course kind, funny, intelligent, ambicious, etc ....
I am not saying that it is bad to have an objective and all the things we want in life very clear, in fact thats awesome, what im trying to say is..If we have this idealization maybe we are excluding persons who we see in our daily life that can conect in a strange and unknown way with us.

In other words, give other person the chance to know you, and at the same time give yourself the opportunity of knowing new persons. You may discover that some of this ideal things you wanted were not really important. I mean, yes it is important a person with principles and bla bla bla, but it is more important seeing beyond the things that are not that imprescindible (like the appearence).

So im challenging you for looking out of the box (i know it is think out of the box but whatever). If you like guys only of your age try giving yourself the opportunity and meet some guys maybe two years older or even younger...you never know!

I hope i had explained myself.

Just try it.

I am gonna try it.

Oh and please, if you want share with me what you think about this. Is it true what i am saying? Maybe you want to add something you consider important...or maybe you don't even agree jaja i would like to know