Don't even want to leave the house anymore, and why would you ! it's perfect here.

Here .. where you don't feel the stares of every single human being around you judging every movement you make.

where you're worried that someone will notice your shaking hands or your jelly legs

Here. your heart rate is normal, your hands are steady

but you're not at peace, we're never at peace, our minds simply don't rest

we panic over the smallest thing and overthink every aspect of our lives.

every day is a battle to survive and stay sane,
wish the battle was with something we could actually conquer, but we're fighting our own thoughts, our own mind,

I know the struggle.
please. Stay strong, keep fighting

for me , it's comforting to know that there's someone somewhere knows what i'm going through, that someone is fighting the same battle with me.

so maybe the people around you now don't understand your struggle, but you're not alone.