-As if it's your last
-Playing with fire

this is are the Blackpink songs,just 5 songs,5 songs who take them to the top,but today i'm not here to talk about Blackpink and your success,i'm here to talk about the dualities of these name,''BLACK-PINK'',when Jisoo speak the phrase ''Black to the pink'' in BOOMBAYAH i thought in bad girls,or bad peoples who made a transformation for the ''pink side'',the ''good girl side'',but ''pink girls'' can be bad too right? Yes,and ''bad girls'' could be ''good girls'' too it's confused to understand 'cuz this duality it's like the ''ying & yang'',but the ''ying & yang'' are easily to understand,so we can say this,''BLACKPINK'' it's the duality between the ''bad and good girls'' in the same time.