Okay so since this is my first article I thought that I would start out with a little introduction. Hi, I'm Grace, I'm a Sophomore, I love reading and spending my time watching hours of TV.

So this article is going to be about my first day of school and the many ups and downs of it. What I want to do with these articles (blog entries even) is write little life updates or anything exciting I did lately. The most recent thing to happen is school starting. If I'm going to be honest it's mainly going to be a ranting article? The first day was exhausting emotionally and I need to get it out. But never fear there were of course good things about the day, so I'll end with those.

I just started school yesterday, as I'm sure a lot of you have too. Last year at the start of the school year I barely knew anyone at my high school. I came from a small school and only knew around 25 kids in my grade of 300. So of course being the ball of anxiety that I am I was freaking out basically the entire month before I started school. Everything went fine of course and I made a ton of new friends, all that cheesy high school stuff. So I thought I wouldn't be as nervous at the beginning of this year. OH DID I THINK WRONG.

Holy shite, I mean I felt like I was gonna throw up around 9:30 and I didn't have to be at school until 11. So I knew it was gonna be a fan-frickin-tastic day. It was going fine, really until I got to the most beloved class of all: gym class. (Please tell me you got that as a very sarcastic remark, dear reader). I walk in there thinking 'I'm gonna know at least one person in this class, right?' Nope, nopiety, nope.

In my gym class it consists of: one very attractive boy who I thought I had a crush on for the longest time, a guy who's my friend but turns into a douche around his friends, two very athletic soccer players, a bunch of other guys who I do not care for, and of course the gaggle of girls who aren't really my friends but I've talked to them before and yet I still feel like they judge me and give me dirty looks behind my back. Now I'm sure they don't actually give me dirty looks, but these girls just aren't the ones I hang out with, talk to on a regular basis, or really relate to.

So, yeah not too happy about that situation. It's just a very anxiety ridden situation for me. Considering that all the sports we will be doing are focused around hand-eye coordination and I have none, I have to prepare myself for a very long class of embarrassment.

In reality that's the only bad class that I have, so that's a very good thing. I wanted to end on a positive note so I'll definitely highlight some of the good things.

  • I have a class with my best friend which I didn't think would happen
  • My chemistry teacher actually loves chemistry so that's always a perk
  • My math teacher is the nicest guy, God bless
  • In my AP Psych class I sit right next to my other best friend and the teacher is super nice, so hey double perk!!

I'm really hoping this year goes alright. There are a lot of things to look forward to and I've got a good feeling about this year.