Hey everybody

So, I have ALWAYS loved weheartit, since I was like 12 honestly, I've loved this site and I always find inspo on here for really anything. This site, to me, is like the prettier version of Google Images LOL

Also, I've always wanted to start a blog of some sort, or become "famous" in some way. Tumblr was never really my thing, I tried youtube but I'm tragic at editing, and I'm trying hard for Instagram and Twitter. I feel like this could work, like this typa blog thing. I could just tell you guys random stuff every now and then, but still heart my favourite photos and such!

SO ( I say that a lot), heres and introduction to me ! If you look through my hearts, you can really tell what I'm all about, but I want to go more in depth and just share a few facts, here we go !

1.My name is Kathleen
2. I am Canadian (luckily), but my parents are from Ecuador
3. My birthday is on June 14, making me a gemini (don't hate me omg)
4. I'm also 17, yikes
5. I have the smallest hands EVER, which is why I love gel nails, they make my hands look bigger and normal
6. I'm extremely sarcastic and I can come off as a bitch (not to mention my resting bitch face), but I'm actually just a really quiet person, but if we're friends I'm SO nice and I'll do anything to keep you happy
7. I love music, like I can't sit on public transit without listening to music. I don't have a preference, I like what I like and it could really be any genre.
8. I LOVE MOVIES, I could watch them all day; yet I can almost never finish a tv show series (I've only ever finished 2)
9. I love fashion; I was actually a fashion ambassador for Nordstrom for a little while, but I really love it and my style is pretty basic, yet trendy
10. I live for cold weather, I hate the heat. Fall time is my favourite.
11. Makeup is everything to me. I could cake my face everyday if I wanted to (but I don't) - which is also why I heart a lot of girls faces, just to get inspo on makeup or because they're really pretty
12. I live for shoes, like I'm a MAJOR sneaker head. I have a list of sneakers I "need" in my life, but I also want to be that girl that wears heels and shit yanno
13. I love to draw, I am an artist and drawing is my best talent. I have never entered any contests or anything, but I've gotten an award for the highest grade in my art class once!
14. I have 10 piercings in total, most of them on my ears and only one facial (septum). I love piercings and tattoos (I have 1) and I think they're a great way to display creativity.

That's all I can really come up with right now guys, maybe my next entry will be just a bunch of facts. WILL SOMEBODY EVEN READ THIS LOL IDK

SELF PROMO: my instagram is in my bio if you want to follow it and I'll try to add twitter somewhere, but thats in my instagram bio