you hate me
You hate that i choose to be me
You hate that my path varies from yours
That my passion rocks a different melody
Me chanting might pierce through you
But that's what you believe
Me in your presence is threatening
But that's what you believe
That i am so unbearable that the sight of me is unspeakable
Such disgust
Such hatred
the loathe
You hate that i'm modest
You hate my existence
Well then,
What about modesty is so intolerable to you
Is it how my veil is a total eclipse as i am to you? What about prayer troubles you
Is it how i place myself beneath the one whom i refer to as God.
And my veil becomes a burning stench
A post mark uncovered
And the stares flickers from a mile away
It goes on for so long the terrorist becomes the terrorized
And then you realize that there is no place to hide.
you like that don't you
You like the agony you cause
America, its not all pretty and happy colors
Where our wrongs are publicized and our rights are neglected
And the scortch marks are real but never shown
just perfectly imperfect.
In a continent where there are so much to hate
You choose to hate me
A child
A mother
A father
A family
With the tripple k still in existence
You choose to hate me?
And a church like the army of God
Killing women who chose not to birth your baby
You choose to hate me
And Mr. President so twisted
Yet, you choose to hate me