I'm so sorry you guys I said I was gonna be writing the second part the same day but I've been so busy. But lets cut to the chase, my best friend and I have been growing apart lately. Is it normal, I don't know. Do i like it? Not one bit. However I do think it's something every couple of best friends go through. Am i wrong? I SURE AS HELL HOPE NOT. Anyways like I said in my last article, most of the bi*ches in my school are snakes and dramatic as fuck, and one thing I cannot tolerate is drama. Okay okay lets be real, I cannot tolerate it when it has to do with me, I do however observe from a distance LMFAOO. So no shame in that I hope, moving on. Now that I think about it there's no major reason why were acting like this but we are unfortunately. But I do believe that we'll get through this, at least I hope we do. I know you were all expecting more tea LMAO but I just don't feel like diving back to it and getting into a shitty mood since I'm so happy cause fall is almost here. Anyways I have more ideas of what to write in the future that will have you hooked, I promise. I have a bunch of story times that i want you guys to read. Brooo let me tell you, they're freaking hilarious. Anyways I'm gonna leave now because this is too much shit to read and I'm honestly bored out of my fucking mind.


P.S I'm gonna have two catch phrases (or whatever them shits called) at the end of every article. Today is deuces, tomorrow might be love you to the moon and back, who fucking knows. Okay ill go now byeee.