When school comes along so do all the assessments, homework and stress. So here are a few tips to help you get by the school year with your studies. Also read till the end to see some helpful websites.

1 . Listen to classical music
I know a lot of us enjoy listening to music when working or doing our homework but listening to music with lyrics is not a good choice when it comes to studying instead listen to classical music

2 . Prioritise you work
Sometimes when we are given a lot of work load we seem to stress about it more then actually do it. A helpful tip is to prioritise your work in order of what's due first or what teacher you can get away with ;) etc

3 .Take notes like it's your journal/diary
I know this one may seem a little weird but all it means is that make your notes easy to read, neat, colorful and maybe even a doodle here and there. This way when your going through them for exams week you will understand them and they wont be boring to look at

journal, art, and goals image
clouds, sky, and yes image

4 . Make a to-do list
This is an overall good tip, making a to-do list helps you sort out what you need to get done and can organise when do to do the work

5 . Chew gum
Now this is a very simple tip but chewing gum when your doing your work will help relax you and also help you concentrate.

6 . Take breaks
Taking breaks to eat or walk around or just for a stretch is very important when studying. When your studying your brain is so focused on the task it might overthink things so when you take a break your letting your brain breathe and when you get back to studying you might be able to do the work better or even solve that equation that you were stuck on

7 . Always make one friend per class or become friends with the teacher
Sometimes I know that you can't stand the kids in your class but its always helpful to have at least one friend in each class or even be close with the teacher this way if you missed out on work or need help with your work you have someone you can turn too.

8 . Helpful Websites
Here are a number of websites that may come in handy for you:
http://www.citethisforme.com/ (for refernces)
https://scholar.google.com.au/ ( helps with your research)
https://free-article-spinner.com/ (helps you reword your articles)
https://www.jspell.com/public-spell-checker.html (spelling checker)
https://www.slader.com/ (answers your questions for maths/science)
http://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=603 (has cool fonts to use)
https://www.canva.com/ (designs covers)
https://piktochart.com/ (Infographic maker)

And those are all the tips I can think of. Hoped you liked this article!