Well... you may be thinking who the hell I am and why you should care about me. You shouldn't, but for some reason you decided to click this article and you keep reading.
I am a teenager from Argentina, yes I speak spanish, but I decided to write in english because... I don't know, I like it and want to practise I guess.
Anyway, I'm in my last year of secondary school, I am a writer, reader, filmmaker, actress and a lot of other things... You can see I love to do a lot of stuff and be everywhere.
You can see in my account that I post about everything... because I define myself as that: A mix of everything. I love sweet things, books, movies (especially the classic ones), music, coffee, tea, dogs, notebooks, parties, clothes, make up, rain, cold, dramma, social media, the moon, wolves, etc.
My intention is to share what's on my messy mind and have fun! So... if you want to ask something, or ask me to write about something just contact me! You have my Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter on my profile!
Peace out.