hi!! its ava @avasgallery and this is my first article.
ill try to do one once a week

anyways so I'm still getting the hang of writing articles so bear with me, also these are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER and I love so many other collections these are just unique and underrated

1. Glow @loungeacts

one of the prettiest and original collections by a lesser known heartiest. I adore this collection

2. Freckles @myevervthing

isa is one of my favorite heartists on here and you can't really go wrong with any of her original and charming collections

3. Primary aesthetic @yofam

I love any red and blue collection but this one stands out because of the bright filter.

4. Fresh pastel @odaoaa

again, all of her collections are simply gorgeous and feel like they were assembled by a mastermind but this one is really good to use when making edits

5. Lights @music_infinity

calming and relaxing, very active collection updated a lot, one of my fav heartists

6.Into the gardens @sassylatte

very pretty green collection! idk if this user is active because I don't know her personally but the collections are simply wonderful

7.Bright Indie @themefazed

this collection gave me chills

8. Dark Blue @fancysarah13

I follow people for a reason and I follow her because her posts are beautiful!!!

9. Tangerine @akathemess

good uploader, great collection