today i was sad. today i couldn't find a song that fit. it was raining, it was dreary. the green of the pine trees drooped, the flowers let raindrops roll slowwwwly off their petals, and off their leaves. there are things that i don't understand going on in the world. there is suffering and pain and the worst is that I can't take any of that away. and yet i am trapped in my own hurt. the ones that hurt me still have so much power, and the untrue things i tell myself were at the front of my mind today. today, as soon as the alarm went off, i felt blue, i felt a sadness only felt in fall. i found a place of unbelievable words. but still there are dreams.

no one can take away those little daydreams. he walks like he's in a movie, slow motion. no one can take away those sudden realizations, like the time i found he was staring right back at me.
today was sad, tomorrow might be, too. but it can always get better. maybe you're thinking it's only gonna get worse. but what if it gets better?