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I am aware that for most of you school has started but these are tips that can be used to have a great new start anytime in the year.

So, school, the constant learning program is starting for me soon. However like most new stuff enthusiasts, I'm not dreading it because I know that I will begin the new year like a queen and then hope to carry on with it similarly (no matter how unrealistic it may be). And I want you, the person who took their time to actually even look at it, to be able to feel like you will dominate this year too! So let's go, here are some of the steps I took, but you can do whichever ones you like, it's all chill!

  • Materials!

I think this is my favorite part! Around a week or two before I buy all of the school supplies I need and a few supplies I want to treat myself to. I'm not saying go overboard and waste money, but since you're going to be spending a lot of time studying you might as well feel äesthetiç TM af while doing so! Here are some items I splurge on that really pay off for me:

Coloured pens/fineliners
Pretty highliters (I prefer pastel so it doesn't tire my eyes)
A nice bullet journal (if you're into it, I'm super into it and I can post about some pages I use if you guys are interested!)
Colouring pens, pencils, markers etc. etc.

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  • Deep clean your room!

I'm sorry, it seems bothersome and you're rolling your eyes that I suggest something that isn't %100 fun but if you put on your favourite songs and wear comfy clothes, it won't be that bad, I promise! Having a system and a clean room will help you to start with a clear mind and it's time you got rid of those pens you like but have now run out or your favourite animal print socks that have enough holes to make a sponge jealous. Have I used this in the past six months? No? Girl, bye!

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  • Prepare yourself

Even if you start the year like a boss, there will be times when you get stressed and that is okay! So prepare in advance stress relief routines, self care reminders, positive quotes to keep you going. Take care of yourself like you're royalty!

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  • Write down those studying tips!

So you see some tips online about studying that makes sense, write it down! It can be on a note on your phone, a piece of paper, or in your bullet journal; it'll really help you when you don't know what to do with your workload or if you've fallen out of routine!

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Look at that doggo!
  • What are you looking forward to?

No, nothing isn't acceptable! Be honest, everyone has one thing, no matter how tiny it may be, that excited them about school. For me it's the new knowledge, being able to finally use all these tips I gathered and the routine I can implement thanks to school's habits. For you it may be friends or the coffee you have early in the morning. Find what it is, motivate yourself!

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  • Treat yo' body!

Your body is what will carry you and what will make people wonder what you did to it to get such a glow! This doesn't mean make-up, but if you do, even better for you. Show your body how much you love it! For me, I chooose to do some exercise, take a relaxing bath, put on moisturizer and face masks! You can find outfits that make you feel amazing or a hairstyle that just says you've got it all together. Your body deserves the love you show to other bodies too!!!

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  • Set Goals!

Instead of posting an image that really resonates with you under #goals, why don't you actually set these goals? You can print photos and hang them somewhere or you can write them where you can see them so that you never forget what you're working for.

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  • Lightly brush up on skills

Hear me out here, it's easier to run a long distance after a while if you reignite your muscles, so you can do some light reading on subjects to warm your brain up! You'll probably appreciate it :)

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  • Chill!

You're going to be learning again, great news! But until then you can let your brain relax by browsing on social media, watching your favourite shows or movies (Any Suits fans??), reading, drawing, whatever is up your alley!

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So those are my most important steps for a great beginning, do you have any? Tell me!!