I love to tell why I like to read. Books are a priority of my life. My favorite part of the day is to sit in front of the fireplace in the evening with my warm slippers, hot chocolate and my book. It is so cozy and beautiful.
This is one of the things I love to read. Also, the books give birth to a large set of feelings that sometimes I think I'm dreaming, or I've gotten into the book.
I feel everything that heroes experience - anger, love, happiness, hatred, courage, fear, absolutely every excitement. In most cases, I myself wondered what I would do if I were in their place. How would I do it? Sometimes I have no answer, because sometimes things are quite intricate.
The other thing I love reading is that thanks to the books we learn new and interesting words and sentences that we have not heard or heard, but we do not know their meanings. The book is like our vocabulary, as our guide that leads us to other worlds through the magic of our speech.
Hello, beautiful people! My name is Marie and i'm 17 years old. Aaand I'm from Bulgaria. Sorry for my english. He is my second language.
Thank you for reading my first (messy) artical.
See you soon!
Kisses! :*