By Merriam-Webster the definiton of a friend is one attached to another by affection or esteem. The way I see it a friend is someone who has your back, who is there for you in the hour of need, someone who you can trust and rely on.
I thought I have a friend like this. She was my childhood friend and even though we weren't besties in middle school we bonded in high school. Now we went to different universities but we are still in touch. We see each other every few weeks or months but we text more often. I considered her as one of my closest friends.
I was prepared to put her needs before mine and I did do that. Many times. Too many. On the other hand I never had a feeling that she sacrificed herself for me. And generally I didn't care. At least that's what I've been telling to myself. I wasn't angry at her when she cancelled our plans last minute because I'm more of a loner so I don't mind staying home on friday nights or on the weekends. Didn't care that she never came play beach volleyball with us because she was to lazy to drove five minutes. I didn't made a big deal out of it when she changed her mind about spending New Year's Eve at home with her family instead of in the city because it was too cold. Even though I spent the whole night alone at home in my bed because I was too embarressed to admit to my parents that I didn't have plans anymore. This time she did something I probably won't be able to forget so fast. As always she thought only of herself and didn't care about how this might affect me or people counting on us. Not only I was really looking forward to volunteer at this event and now I won't be able, she also made it look like I'm the bad guy. People were really dissappointed at me.

So I asked myself is it possible to outgrow your friends? To drift apart? The answer is yes. This is happening all the time all around the world. Many times today I told myself I should just forget about it and move on without her. Leave her behind because people change and they do drift apart. The problem is I can't do that. If I could I would already done it. I could've done that everytime she disappointed me. So why can't I? Because people are social creatures. We like to talk and socialize with other people. I won't argue we enjoy loneliness but sooner or later we crave for interactions with other people. And like I said, she is one of my oldest and closest friends.