Hello my lovely licornes ~

My name is Gabriela and I´m an admin of a beauty and lifestyle blog → http://blog-de-la-licorne.blogspot.sk/. Since I just ♥ We♥It platform and I also love to write articles, I wonder, how should I join these things I love together.

In the end, I decided to post (at least a bit) of my reviews also here, on my we♥it´s account. Hope they will help at least some of you with choosing or even buying some product/s. For today´s article I prepared a review on a MRL lipstick - Salvation Velvet. Hope you will like it :)


At the beginning I have to say, that Matte liquid lipstick Salvation Velvet by MRL dissapointed me. Product is contained in a plastic packaging with a classic soft applicator. Shade named Keep Crying For You hides in itself a very pretty and vibrant pink colour which has slightly a neon tone. I really like this colour, but I can´t say that about its texture.

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