I meant to do these every Monday - a little weekly journal thing - but it's Wednesday now...several weeks later. I'm neck-deep in to-do-lists, to-do-that, to-do-this...I'm exhausted. But excited! I know I'm working towards something...my own studio. My own life! I know it's hectic now but I can honestly say I'm doing my best.

I have a three page essay do come next week. I have a meeting with a Doctor of Theatre - he's going to teach me the basics of Performance. I have lunches to go and things to learn, and jeez - did I say I'm exhausted. I'm so tired. But I'm also writing here, so I guess I can't be too tired. I really need to make sure I do this weekly. Right now my thoughts are all splatter-y and slippery. But if I continue this, I may actually get somewhere. And how cool would that be! To actually get somewhere...

Anyways, I'm not really expecting much of an audience for this diary thing, but if I have one - hello!

A lesson I learned this week: everyone is painfully nervous and so few people actually care to speak to strangers, yet many would like to.

lol I can't wait for Halloween...and CHRISTMAS! Bring me the pumpkins and the ghosts and the little red berries. We need a half-way thing that mixes both. Oh. Wait. I guess that's kind of Thanksgiving. Okay! We need to add Ghosts in Christmas Hats and Christmas Lights in pumpkins to Thanksgiving - stat! Do it Do it Do it! Call it...Hallomass...no a Hallow Mess! okay I'm done.

(that's an image of some paper animations I'm working on)