I was wearing black boyfriend jeans with white shirt messy bun and red lipstick.

You were wearing white shirt and smart pants iphone in your hands.

You bought me black coffee.

And even thought I hated black coffee it was my favourite now.

When I took the first sip my lipstick smuged a bit and leaved a stain on the cup.

I was about to wipe it away but you said you liked it.

So I left it there.

You said you loved my green eyes.

And even thought I hated my green eyes I started to like them.

You were smart and always knew what to say and you were so calm.

And even thought calm people bored me you were far from boring.

I didnt know why you were so fascinating.

But one morning when your body was no longer next to mine I realised.

You werent boy.

You are man.