You think you love me, you think you miss me, but you don't!
You can't miss someone YOU left, because you could've stayed. The choice was yours not theirs. And you chose to leave, and when you leave you don't get to come back again and ruin them again because you will leave again and you're gonna break them again.

You could've stayed and worked things out, because that's what you suppose to do with someone you love when you get in trouble, you make things right and back into place, no matter how hard and impossible it looks, you have to stay by to who you love.
You can't give up that easy on someone you love, or someone you decide to love. Because love isn't that simple! Love is commitment.
You can't touch someone's soul and then just simply leave. You have to commit to them in life and stay no matter what happens, that's what love is.

The worst part about what you don't know is, you get bored easily and can't even notice it! And when you are bored of me you make an excuse to leave. I always knew that, even when we were together I knew you were gonna leave easily with any reason you get. I knew that it's easy for you to give up on me.
You always do that, you get over me for a while and when you get bored again you think you miss me and try to get back to me.
But you don't, you don't miss me and I know that.
Every time I knew that but I just wanted it to be real so bad, I believed you, I forgave you and all of the story happened again.

But with every time my heart broke more..

Maybe I will forget you but not those things you made me feel.
Although it hurt me and broke me so much, I will remember it, I will remember everything just to remind myself what the person you love the most is capable of, what people can do to you if you loved them..

This took me so much time and effort, not gonna ruin it for anyone even for you, and I'm happy I finally got here.

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