Okay okay the title seems tottally cliche i get it but dont stop there! Im new at this whole typing out my thoughts and all that but here i go.

I honestly do not understand our generations idea of love (im not trying to hate on us i love yall buuut) seriously im honestly twisted up and confused about the whole ordeal. I am definetly not a love expert heck i grew up with the whole "All guys want is to mess you up and will ruin your life!" Mom's words not mine but in a way i've seen that a lot lately and not just guys but girls too.Now im not saying there arent good relationships anymore because i have seen some very sweet ones that have lasted a looong time but i want to give some advice:

A person that doesnt like you for who you are,does not love you.

I have seen SO many people stop doing things they like bc their boyfriend/Girlfriend did not want to do it or did not like it.Like my friend Hailee,she stopped wearing the clothes she liked because her boyfriend said that he didnt like them and that, "She looked like a slut."Yeah he actually said that!

There are so many toxic things that happen in relationships these days and not just in bf/gf but in husband and wife as well.Not going out because your significant other doesn't want to,having to see your family less bc your seeing your partners,trying to control your partner,and stop doing your hobbies.Suddenly people can't do things on their own as if they are no longer their own person.If you are changing because of someone and it is not a good change,maybe that love is not the right love for you.I think real love is two people supporting eachother not making them stop doing things they like,and also you may be in a relationship but you should also remember that you are indepentdant,and its okay to do things on your own,you dont have to be attached to the limb of your partner because the first partner you had is yourself.Change is a good thing but forced change isin't.So if you are in a relationship or thnking of getting into one ask yourself "What is love?" and "Is this the love i want?".