You grow up having a best friend and believing that one will stay forever. But let me tell you something. No one will stay forever. Through my life, 19 years, I had many friends. But only a few best friends. From kindergarden on I had this best friend that I still had in middle school. Til sixth or seventh grade. She left. I was alone for a very long time, having no one to talk to. I was an outsider. But even as an outsider you are not alone. There are more like you. I found another girl that had potential becoming my best friend. We were best friends for some years. Actually for three years. We went together on High School. With two others. We had a clique. It was always us four. Until another one of them "stole" her from me. I know it is a dumb word but it feels like that, Like a thief that steals you something that belongs to you. This girl now had my best friend as her best friend and the other two of us, well, we were more like an addition. They did not need us and they made us, me, feel like that. I started hating them both. But with that I lost the third one too. She was the third wheel now and I was no longer interested in them. And so I was alone. Again. That one time I left. Because I had nothing left that was worth staying. For my luck I actually found the most beautiful, kind, breathtaking and wonderful girl in the world to be my best friend. And believe me, I will never let her go! We love the same things, hate the same people, share everything, search for solutions for our problems together and have the most fun. I love her. I really do think she could be the one to be my last best friend forever. I will never want anyone else. She is amazing. She taught me so much and without her I would not be where I am today. Kind of happy, sometimes. More confident. And definitely more myself. What I was going to say is, that we have to go through some things and loose some people before we can find the ones to truly love us and help us through daily shit. People leave, yeah. But sometimes they surprise you and some stay. It hurts to lose so many people. And I always thought about it being my fault. But it is not. It never was. It was their fault. They never saw me the way I could be. They saw a girl they can control and tear down if I am not like the person they wanted me to be. I am who I am and I will never apologise for who I am. No one should.