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Hey everyone! I’m starting this new series where I share a few quotes that have inspired me for the month to hopefully inspire everyone that reads this! Here’s the August edition! It’s a little late but it here nonetheless! This months 'theme' for me was all about personal growth.

Quote #1:

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This quote opened up my eyes into realising that God works for his people and good thing will come my way when I follow him. It also really goes with the fact that I’m trying to grow more spiritually.

Quote #2:

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I feel like I’m at a point where I can safely say I cannot be friends with particular types of people. Not in a bad way but I just can’t be around small minded people. I am a firm believer in this quote! Not only do you attract people on the same wave length as you but you become like the people you surround yourself with. I don’t know if I’m making sense but if you want positivity you have to embody it and surround yourself with it.

Quote #3:

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This quote. Words cannot describe how much I relate to this. A few months ago I got rid of this toxic person in my life and I cannot stress enough about how much I’ve seen myself grow these last few months. Toxic people really do hinder your growth. Remember that.

Quote #4:

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These are the basic rules of personal growth to me. Literally, if you follow these rules you’ll see growth!

Those are my quotes that I really liked this month and why. I hope you enjoyed them and they inspired you as well and gave you some motivation. I hope to be doing these every month or so. Have a great day or night and remember to stay positive!
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