There's this amazing writer on Wattpad named RaysofKays. Let me tell you, I've read like 9 of her books and have not been disappointed once. Granted she's broken my heart a few times and made me want to cry my eyes out; however, what's a good story if it doesn't make you feel so deeply? Trust me, it is so hard not to comment your emotions and feels all over her stories.

One story that I just finished of hers is called Find Me A Dad. This is actually the first book in the Find me series. (Kay is known for doing series).


In this story, her character, Sierra Little, lives a content life with her seven-year-old daughter, Sophy, and doing her job taking care of the elderly woman, who is like a mother to her, Mrs. Downie. Sierra will do anything to keep her baby girl happy, but that little something may be a thing she isn't ready for. And that's finding Sophy a dad. And we all know that if she's finding Sophy a dad that means she's gotta find a man. Unfortunately, Sierra is letting the torture of her breakup with her ex-boyfriend seven years ago keep her from finding that kind of happiness.

One day while at the grocery story, Sophy starts picking out men who she thinks could be her daddy.

"What about him?"
"Sophy I can't just get you a daddy it's not that easy-"
"Beautiful woman, cute baby girl. I'd happily sign up to fill the position if it's open."

This comes from a cute, 6 foot, bearded man standing behind them. The only problem is, Sierra isn't amused. She doesn't find his humor funny at all. But how much of that was humor? To her dismay, at first, she just can't get away from him. When her friends decide to set her up on a blind date, surprise surprise, there he is again.

Sierra learns that this guy isn't as bad as she thought. Eventually, they start to hit it off. He's even good with little Sophy. Not to mention, Sophy's excited that she might just have a daddy now.

But of course, things have to escalate and they definitely do when Sierra meets her sister she never knew she had for the first time and goes to her wedding. There is when heartbroken meets heartbreaker again. The man that broke Sierra's heart by breaking up with her seven years ago shows up and if you haven't guessed by now is the real father of Sophy.

Obviously, things get complicated real fast. Now the question is about the new man in Sierra's life. How will he deal with this ex of hers? Will old love be replenished? Or will Sierra be left by herself?


The characters in this story are well developed. In Kay's books, her characters always have a good lesson to learn. You'll find that you fall in love and get angry all at the same time with her characters. The love interests in her books are just to die for. You may even wish they were real ( I know I do).


The writing is wonderful! You can definitely visualize her characters and settings really well. She does not leave you hanging. As stated before, the way she writes and the words she uses hits the heart. You will catch yourself yelling in the middle of Starbucks or crying at Target.


Of course, I'm not gonna tell you about that ending. That's something you'll have to find out for yourself. In my news reporter voice... Find out by clicking the link below to the book.

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