I heard about this music challenge and I just needed to try it. So, here are my songs. Enjoy.

Day 30: A song that makes you happy:

"Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People

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Day 29: A song that makes you sad:

"Mad World" by Tune Robbers

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Day 28: A song that makes you think of happy love:

"Love" by Lana Del Rey

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Day 27: A song that makes you think of tragic love:

"The Night We Met" by Lord Huron

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Day 26: A song that reminds you of high school:

"Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus

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Day 25: A song you would consider your anthem:

"Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance

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Day 24: A song that reminds your best friend of you:

"Losing My Religion" by R.E.M.

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Day 23: A song that reminds you of your favorite book:

"Ground Control" by All Time Low (feat.Tegan and Sara)

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Day 22: A song that breaks your heart:

"I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie

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Day 21: A song you can`t not dance to:

"Dead!" by My Chemical Romance

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Day 20: A song from your favorite film:

"Hedwig`s Theme" by John Williams

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Day 19: A song that would be the anthem of your childhood:

"The Ketchup Song" by Las Ketchup

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Day 18: A song that would play during your death scene if your life were a movie

"It`s hard to get around the wind" by Alex Turner

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Day 17: A song you hope to dance to at your wedding:

"Can`t Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley

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Day 16: A song by your current favorite band:

"What about us" by P!nk

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Day 15: A song you heard live (at a concert):

"Beside You" by 5 Seconds of Summer

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Day 14: A song that makes you think of someone important to you:

"Sorry" by Halsey

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Day 13: A song to describe the most important event in your life thus far:

"Drive" by Halsey

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Day 12: A song you discovered via a commercial:

"Rocket Man" by Elton John

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Day 11: A song you can daydream to:

"Two Ghosts" by Harry Styles

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Day 10: A song that makes you feel empowered:

"On Top Of The World" by Imagine Dragons

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Day 9: A song that makes you want to kick some ass:

"Don`t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Jet" by Hayden Panettiere

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Day 8: A song that`s a guilty pleasure:

"Fuck You" by Lily Allen

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Day 7: A song you hate:

"Wild Thoughts" by DJ Khaled, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

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Day 6: A song that is a cover:

"American Idiot" by 5 Seconds of Summer
(originally by Green Day)

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Day 5: A song that makes you turn up the volume on your radio:

"Car Radio" by Twenty One Pilots

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Day 4: A song that explains your first kiss:

"First Time" by Kygo, Ellie Goulding

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Day 3: A song you would like people to listen to and think of you:

"Wildest Dreams" by Taylor Swift

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Day 2: A song that you find incredibly beautiful:

"The Woods" by Hollow Coves

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Day 1: A song you would like your loved ones to play at your funeral:

"I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran

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