Bonjour frens !

I'm a french student in art, and I wanted to write articles. My idea is to introduce you to works of art I've met in my life.
I genuinely believe that art is a way of thinking and at some points it saved my life when I needed someone.
A painting is like a person, with an history and feelings, so let's start this project !
(Oh and you will find all the details of the pieces at the bottom of the article ;) )

I went to Paris few years ago and visited le Musée d'Orsay, well known for its impressionnist collection. I've always loved Claude Monet and I was looking for some of his works, when I came in a huge room, dark walls, and on the left THIS painting :
Le Grand hiver or Paysage de neige

For those who don't speak french, that means "The great winter" or "snowy landscape" I'd say.

I just spot a seat in front of the piece of art, and I can't remember how long I spent looking at it. Honnestly. I wasn't admiring it. I was just staring, saerching for details in this huge painting. By the way, you need to know that it's quite a huge format.
So, that was it. I had found the perfect representation of what's in my mind. The snow, plenty of white, and the only human linving here. The loneliness is patent, but it's not dark. The lights are great and make us feel at ease.

The end, because there is always and end to beautiful moments, came with my parents looking for me. I have to tell you that I bought a postcard of the painting at the shop, and now it's on my wall collage above my bed.
If you enjoy these kind of stories, let me know, and I will introduce all of you to other pieces of my wall art collage :)

Knowing that it's my first article, and that english is not my native language, I'll improve the next articles, be sure ! But I'll also be glad if you send me your opinions. We can discuss about art or culture on social media too, I have an insta and a fb.

Hope you enjoyed it frens, as much as I did, writing this !

"Art is what makes life more interesting than art" Robert Filliou

Cuno Amiet (1868-1961)
Paysage de neige or Le Grand hiver
Oil on canvas
H. 178 cm ; L. 235 cm