As part of the 30 Whi Challenge(or whatever it is called) and because I really wanted to let you know more things about me,I decided to write 20 facts about me!!!!!
Let's begin!!!!

1)I have learned English and French and now I am studying Latin because of the way the educational system is in Greece.
2)My favourite color is black
3)My favourite youtubers are Lazy Masquerade,Mr.Nightmare,Misty Chronexia and Rolly.
4)I have a younger sister.
5)I am afraid of dogs and basically every insect alive.
6)My favourite-junk-food is souvlaki.
7)I wear glasses for about 8-9 years.
8)My zodiac sign is that of a Libra.
9)I hate maths plus Science but I love Chemistry.
10)I am more of a house cat.
11)I used to have goldfish.
12)Some of my favourite books iclude Want to go Private?,The diary of Anne Frank,The diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Selection.
13)I have never travelled abroad.
14)My favourite poet is Konstantinos Kavafis.
15)My favourite season is winter.
16)I like mimicking voices from anime(currently mastered:Yuno's "Yuki")
17)I suck at drawing and singing.
18)I am madly in love with calligraphy.
19)I hate crying even when I am alone because I can't just bring myself tp cry.I just feel my heart breaking in pieces and this is terrible.
20)I like photography.