I have always been interested in astrology. I am a proud Gemini. I am bubbly, outgoing, and I can talk a mile a minute. I am also very indecisive and I can be a little selfish at times. However, even with those personality traits, Gemini's are the best zodiac sign ever...hands down, no argument. Alright, I'm kidding...but seriously. Anyways, Gemini did describe me so well, but then I would notice other little traits that I did possess. Why do I get angry so easily? How come I care so much about other people's opinions? That always puzzled me. Over the summer, I started to do some soul searching. I sat upright in my waterbed, trying not to slump over because I knew if I did, I would instantly close my eyes and drift away into some extreme slumber. I can sleep all day if you let me. I was reading over the explanation of the sun sign, when underneath, it explained the importance of the moon and rising (or ascending) sign. This intrigued me. The sun sign is your personality, while your moon sign is your emotions, and your rising is how people see you. I had a slight epiphany. Aha! That's why I don't fall completely under the Gemini symbol. They way to figure this is to know your time of birth, and your location of birth. I wish I could just hear where a person is born and what time, and before a blink of an eye tell the person what their moon and sun sign is. There are websites that have calculators that will decipher it for you. It is truly fascinating, and I think every person should find out. I am a Gemini sun, an Aries moon, and a Libra Ascending, like it says in my bio. My personality is silly, talkative, communicative, intelligent, and all those other good (and not so good) things, but then there is my moon sign. My emotions are like those of an Aries. Aries are strong willed and strong minded. They want to be first. They want to be seen, and they have a bit of this ego. They are fiery, passionate, and love to be right. Well, I think everyone loves to be right, but Aries will try to convince you that they are right, even if they're wrong. They are spontaneous and daring, but a little vain and impatient. I can totally see that, I have that inside my make up. Then there is Libra, lovely Libra. To me, Libra is so sweet. They are a big fan of aesthetic, harmony, and peace. They are a bundle of energy, they love the idea of love (ehhh....hate to admit it, but yeah, that's me), They are diplomatic and caring, but they can get carried away with outer beauty and can become self indulgent, and can detach themselves easily. When I read that, I was like.....TRUUUUUUUE! That is totally me! With that being said, each aspect gives me a perspective of what I need to work on when it comes to me. I'm not saying become obsessed with it (like me) but take the time to explore it. It might surprise you.

Here's a link so you can calculate it for yourself: