I just want something real. I just want somebody who looks at me the way people look at the stars. I just want him to say that even if I am not the hottest girl in the room or the coolest girl or whatever, I am a special person, that I am different to him.

I want to have a deep relationship with him, that we feel not only our body that connects but that our soul embrace each other. I want to melt inside, every time I hear is voice.

I want to stay in his heart as the wild girl, as a different vibe in his heart.

I feel like today, every guy just want to have the hottest girl to show her and to feel more powerful. I feel like love has disappeared because we don't care anymore about it. We just want to be with people to value ourselves.

I don't want a relationship to show that I am a cool girl or idk because I have a boyfriend. I just want to feel a deep connection with somebody. I want that kind of relationship where you put each other to the top, that helps us to keep going and inspires each other.
I want to make me discover a new universe.

I want a boy that touches more than my body.