We all know people who are form countries like Asia, Africa and Europe stereotype people like Afro-American people(Most likely females), but is time to break that, stereotype now. List stereotypes of Ghetto, ratchet, Sluts, unclassy, ugly, fat, etc, yea i know mean much ?, and for Euro-Americans it's usually incest family, and trailer trash like the heck.

And of course many Afro-Americans have African traits from West Africa like Ghana, Nigeria, Mali etc,and Euro-Americans traits like Germany, Norway, Britain, Ireland etc, but and as Euro-Americans are not a multiracial group but African Americans

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I think she is ''Russian''
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A lot of people think that American girls can't be classy nor modest, which is a little true due to our more liberal society,and media most young females are not taught modesty, and class to a certain extent though.

Up to the Afro-American females, people always think every Afro-American Female wear weave, do drugs, have a thug relation etc, which is all not true for most/some Afro-Females.

other stereotypes of Afro-American Females is being loud, uneducated and rude, a lot of East African people, East Asians, certain Europeans, like to think, but it's not all Afro-Americans(Both Male,and Female), media like to show my ignorance, than smart.

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Jasmine Tookes Ethnicity is African-American, Brazilian, Barbadian, European

Up to the diversity is Afro-Americans, why do we look way different form Africans in general Blood line. Many have mixed blood such as white and African, or Asian and African, and etc. Considering almost all African Americans are a mix of various Central-West African ethnicities with a large proportion even having a non Central-West African admixture such as European and North American there will be differences. But the two can look identical, and if you are wondering why most Afro-Americans have small eyes, Blacks and Asians share some features.

Black and African Americans are citizens and residents of the United States with origins in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Multiracial African Americans(Like me), making up 14% of the total U.S. population.

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Even European(Slavs mainly), and Euro-Americans have Asian features(Not many), term i think is ''Euroasian genes/DNA''
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She looks more of a Darker European like the east side of Europe doe
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Taylor Marie Hill(Model) her Ethnicity: Cornish, Dutch, English, French, German, Irish, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Scottish, Swiss-German, Welsh, as well as distant Austrian and Belgian (Flemish)

Euro-Americans Genes mostly are German, and German Americans made up 17.1% of the U.S. population, followed by Irish Americans at 12%. This makes German and Irish the largest and second-largest self-reported ancestry groups in the United States. Pretty much White Americans are very multiracial, but African Americans come 1st place to be honest.

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East Asian
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This is not gonna be a huge paragraph since Asian Americans are not the majority of East coats in the U.S to be honest(Lol), but a very small percentage, they are usually in Cali(West Coast). A third significant minority is the Asian American population, comprising 19.4 million in 2013, or 6.0% of the U.S. population.California is home to 4.5 million Asian Americans, whereas 495,000 live in Hawaii, where they compose the plurality, at 38.5% of the islands' people
Indigenous peoples of the Americas, particularly Native Americans, made up 0.8% of the population in 2008, numbering 2.4 million. An additional 2.3 million persons declared part-American Indian or Alaska Native ancestry(Since Indigenous people have Asian DNA)

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Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders numbered 427,810 in 2008, or 0.1% of the population. Additionally, nearly as many individuals identify as having partial Native Hawaiian ancestry, for a total of 829,949 people of full or part Native Hawaiian ancestry. This group constitutes the smallest minority in the United States. More than half identify as "full-blooded", but historically most Native Hawaiians on the island chain of Hawaii are believed to have admixture with Asian and European ancestries.[citation needed] But, the Census takes reporting by individuals as to how they identify.

Honestly America is a mixed country.

I'ma stop here, cause I'm not doing a Whole list right now about diversity, stereotype race etc, but probably later on to be honest.