Hi there,

Maybe someone close just died. Maybe you and your partner just broke up. Maybe your bestfriend isn't your bestfriend anymore.
Maybe I can help you.

Whatever the reason is you're reading this article. Your probably searching for someone who will listen to you. Maybe I can be that person for you.

Let me tell you one of my stories I was devistated about.

About 10 months ago, me and my now-ex-boyfriend broke up. I cried for days. I didn't sleep or eat. I looked like a terrible skull.
I can't even think about that time anymore without getting really sad.

But now today, I feel so much better.
Breaking up with him was so liberating.
I was able to live again. I was able to be my truly self again.
I loved him, I still do. And that's not a bad thing.

I listened to music to make me happy again. I didn't really listen to break up songs cause those only dragged me down.
I listen to happy '80s songs. Cause of the happy beat and such.

I just want you to know that I'm in a good place.
And I want to help you!

You may send me a postcard anytime, and if you want any other type of contact we will exchange some things.

I'm happy to help.

- A