Im so sorry that ive ruined our friendship. Honestly, i have feelings for you and i know you do too. I'm sorry for not telling you and always hiding because im scared of rejection. It's so hard to explain when we called each other by sweet nicknames, yet i cant consider you as mine. I know that you have started seeing her, but that doesnt mean i should stop trying. Every day, every hour, every seconds, every moments of my heartbeat, ive been thinking about you non-stop. It's hard to let you go when I really wanted to be more than just a friend. Truth is, Im in love with you. I can't keep this to myself anymore. You're everywhere babe. You want to know why? Because I made everything in this world connected to you. The wind, the rain, the sunlight, everything I've seen your speciality long time ago. But you are not mine. Forever, never will. We have only meant to be friends, but that doesn't mean I can't love you, right? I care for you very much. My feelings for you is so deep. As deep as ocean. I have been waiting for this love, as precious as diamond.

Brownish eyes - I can't never go on without you.