I know some girls front, but only because they have to. I think it's just a cry for help on how to just...be themselves.

So here's a little self-help;

  • Stop Doing "Follow The Leader".

If you truly want to start acting like your true self, then stop copying other girls who are not you. Simple.

  • Jealously.

Jealously is one hell of a drug, so don't become an addict. We get jealous of others, yeah, because it's human. But learn to dial it down for a little.

  • Stop With The Body Updates.

What I mean by that is that you don't need lip fillers, plastic surgery, or any of that stuff. If you want a better body, go for it. But I suggest to do it naturally, because plastic surgery can also be very addicting to some people.

  • Being Rude Is NOT Cool.

People think making rude comments and bullying is something that makes you cool. Tbh, it's not honey. Learn to be kind to people, because that's definitely a way to make friends.

I hope this helped some of my followers and others on WHI. <3

~ Baddios.