The most important thing you need to know is that BAD DAYS WILL PASS,BUT SO WILL GOOD DAYS
What I am trying to say is that we shouldn't let the bad days define us.They will pass,because nothing lasts forever,not even happiness.
When you're having a good day,take photos,smile,laugh,make great memories.
When you're having a bad day,allow yourself to stay in bed all day long,cry as much as you want,be alone if you feel like you need to regain strength.
The sad truth is that EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY
Just like the seasons,feelings change.Don't force yourself.
Change if you feel like you want to be a new you.
Stop being in a relationship if you don't feel the same way anymore
Stop talking to some people if you feel like they've changed and not in a good way.
It's ok to change.Try new things.See what suits you the most.Being a social butterfly is comfortable?Then go and spend time with your friends.You are feeling anxious when you're surrounded by too many "friends"?Then go back home.
Maybe one year ago you loved being surrounded by people and you used to laugh all the time,but now you feel like you can't handle these situations anymore.Well,it's ok.It's ok to change.Please don't force yourself.Like I said,everything is temporary,even the things you like.
Just make sure you're always comfortable.