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so as I see the debates go's on and on who is blacker then who well we know daring both African and African American debate we all don't even know each other all we know is what we hear is what the internet tells us on this we are all say stereotypical racist things about us because our history as we know Africans were snatch and toking away from are blood which we have been first black slaves to be toking to Dominican republic so of course African Americans and Africans don't know what we talking about because we are clueless as in this topic so we cant blame us Africans Americans because we have more choices then most Africans we had no choice to became a slave and to became a American. but what we can do is help each other out and get to know each other culture/traditional values and of course both our histories I think we can learn a lot from each other if we could take time and listen and understand from one of other.