This is my last letter to you. I'm pretty sure you won't read it. But at least I'm gonna feel okay after writing it.
So, it all started almost a year ago when we met. We became friends quickly because we used to spend a lot of time together- talking about everything, laughing and studying. I slowly fell in love with you. I swear that my feelings were true and pure. But unfortunately, I can't tell you felt the same way about me. You just played with my feelings like you didn't care what was going to happen with me after all of this.

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I've been trying to get over my feelings for you for months. Sometimes I pretend I don't care when I see pictures of you with other girls. But sometimes I just can't help it and I start thinking how awesome it would be if I were the girl next to you. Well, I guess I will never be that special person for you.

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I've decided to keep on with my life and forget about you. I forgive you even though you made me feel like a fool. I'll give my best to stop thinking about you. And most importantly, I promise myself to stop writing about you.

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This is my last letter to you. Now you can leave my life. FOREVER.

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