Hi everyone!
I was thinking of what my next article should be about, and my first idea was to show you all my fall playlist, but the thing is, my fall playlist isn't completely finished. So i will show it to you when its completely done!

Therefor i changed my mind.

I get stressed so so easily, sometimes when my mental health is taking over, I'm not capable of breathing normally. So I've come to different ideas to control my breathing and to calm down.

My first tip is to drink tea. My recommendation is to drink a calm tea, one that helps you sleep better. It helps me every time and i can feel a difference when i go to bed because i am much more calmer.

My second tip is to look up some ways to control your breathing.

Try to breath in through your stomach. Lay your hand on your stomach, and breathe in so much that your stomach gets big. When you breathe out, your stomach needs to get slimmer. repeat it over and over again, for days or even months, till you learn to breathe like that.

Try to concentrate on your breathing only. Its also a good way to sleep in, because you only focus on your breathing, which helps you get rid of all other thoughts, and you get tired easily. Sooner or later your asleep and might not even recognized it.

My last and finale tip is, to listen to calming music. Wether you create your own playlist or look up one, it helps me so so much to sleep in.

I personally made on myself, and i thought it might be helpful to some of you.

Heres the link to the playlist -


I will be adding more songs to it, but for now, these are the songs that help me the most to calm down.

Here are the songs of my playlist -

so far (its alright) - the 1975

anobrain - the 1975

intro/set3 - the 1975

by your side - the 1975

head. cars. bending - the 1975

HNSCC - the 1975

face down - the 1975

12 - the 1975

menswear - the 1975

please be naked - the 1975

if i believe you - the 1975

from the dining table - harry styles

woman - the 1975

antichrist - the 1975