BTS has released a trailer for their upcoming album and if their album is going to be anything like we see in the trailer, I can guarantee that my weeve will be snatched. All jokes aside, Serendipity is beautifully well composed piece that, even through the English translation, one can tell how much thought they put into lyrics and the meaning they are trying to convey.

Though I won’t be able to tell you how much was lost due to translation. It’s safe to say that this is a poetic piece that transcends linguistic boundaries elevating to the philosophical and introspective realm wherein we are all familiar regardless of native language.

The song is called Serendipity which is a term coined in the 1700’s meaning a something discovered by happenstance but is realized to be very valuable. This is important to note because this is in reference to the metaphors in the lyrics. For example, he says ‘You are my penicillin.” This is a metaphor for the serendipitous discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming. These lyrics have clearly gone through a painstakingly long thought process and each words has been chosen very carefully as to demonstrate the main theme of the song – how happenstance is not necessarily out of the realm of being considered fate.

It’s hard to critique a song without actually listening to the music. So the content of the lyrics aside, the melody of the song is certainly captivating. The beauty is in the simplicity for this one. The same goes for the rhythm. A very soulful melody is accompanied by a simple deep bass on every fourth beat. It’s exactly the kind of entrancing rhythm you’d want to hear to accompany such philosophically though provoking lyrics.

Jimin’s vocals are also a point that cannot be over looked. Singing sweetly and softly in a falsesetto during the majority of the song provides a soft and relaxing vibe. He sings beautifully and I think this is a wonderful way to showcase the range of his vocals in a such an unpretentious way instead of belting out the words like a cover of I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. On the contrary, this song leads your attention to the words and the melody and not necessarily the vocalist. Though it is hard to ignore how warm his voice sounds.

Overall, Serendipity is a body-rolling, soul searching, ovary exploding, thought provoking song that I recommend that you listen to even if you’re not a BTS fan. Definitely good for long travels or if you just want a song that makes you feel good.