Its been a long time sense i`ve seen your face,
and heard your voice.
I cant even remmber what you sound like.
I miss you like how the sun misses the moon.
I`m jealous of the rain on your finger tips,
because the rain is closer to you then I ever was.
It kills me to see you with her,
the way you look at her is the way i always wished
you would look at me.
but then two months later she left you for your best friend.
she was no good for you.
we have always been friends,
i`m always there to pick up the broken pieces of your heart.
I thought you might finaly notice me,
for more than a friend.
but no.
you keep falling for the cheaters and the liars.
but ill stay here with you and pick up your broken pieces.
ill fix you,
until you realise your the only one who can fix me.