Lately everyone around me has been getting married and settling down, so all I've heard these past few weeks is wedding talk .I've never realized how so many girls dream about their wedding day, what kind of dress they'll wear, the size of their wedding party and the perfect place to have it. I mean I don't think about these things all that much .

Its strange to hear my best friend babble my ear off about flowers, dresses and a guest list ,it makes everything feel so grown up if that even makes sense .All I dream about on my wedding day is the moment I am able to make my first salaah with my husband. I don't even mind a thursday evening wedding wearing a plain black abaayah and scarf surrounded by our closest family and the imam.

The reason I look forward to this is because I imagine it would feel so incredible to start your life with someone this way, by praying together.
Knowing that the first thing you do as husband and wife is stand beside one another and feel your soul connect on a spiritual level.

I know it seems simple especially since your wedding day is supposed to be a milestone event that you're meant to remember for the rest of your life but the reality is that this world has made life so overcomplicated and unfair that out of the few things to look forward to at least from my perspective is this.