Nuremberg is the second largest city in the state of Bavaria in southern Germany and the fourteenth largest city in Germany. It is known for its Christmas market held at the Market Square, the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst, Lebkuchen, the Nuremberg Trials, The Nazi Party Rallies and its Imperial Castle.

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There are, however, more things to do and see. The Altstadt (old town) which is surrounded by the city wall, is an interesting sight. Most of the old town was bombed in WWII and rebuilt in its original style after the war. A famous street in Nuremberg's old town is Weißgerbergasse.

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Weißgerbergasse in Nuremberg's old town

Close to the Imperial Castle is Albrecht Dürer's House in which the famous painter Dürer was born and lived in from 1509 to 1528. The house is now a museum dedicated to Dürer's life and work.

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Square in front of Dürer's house

The Christmas market is held at the Hauptmarkt every year during Advent, attracting many tourists from all over the world. Booths offer handcrafted goods, food like Nuremberg's famous Bratwurst and drinks like Glühwein (mulled wine). Since 1998 the sister market has been taken place at the town hall square, featuring booths of Nuremberg's sister cities (e.g. Prague, Venice, Atlanta, Glasgow, Shenzhen, Limousin ..) that offer their local specialities.

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The Christmas market, the Church of Our Lady and the Beautiful Fountain

For museum lovers, one of the museums that the city offers is the Germanisches Nationalmuseum which is a museum for German history and art, the largest museum of cultural history in Germany. In front of the museum you can find the Way of Human Rights, an outdoor sculpture that consists of 30 columns that each feature one article of the Declaration of Human Rights in German and another language.

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Way of Human rights and Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Nuremberg is also known for its dark history during the Nazi regime. The Nazi Party Rallies were held there at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. Hitler chose Nuremberg for the rallies since it was "the most German of German cities". The grandstand, Steintribüne, on which he stood during his speeches can be visited as well as the Congress Hall that was built close by, intended to be a congress hall for the NSDAP. It was inspired by Rome's collosseum and now a part of the building holds the Dokumentationszentrum, a museum informing about the Nazi era and Nazi party rallies.

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Congress Hall

Other sites to visit:

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Holy Spirit Hospital
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Nuremberg Imperial Castle

Nuremberg also hosts various events some of them are:

1. Norisringrennen: a car race part of DTM (German Touring Car Masters)
2. Rock im Park: a rock festival, held annually at Zeppelinfeld. Its "twin festival" is Rock am Ring. Both festivals are held at the same time, having nearly the same lineup. Bands like Linkin Park, Green Day, Billy Talent, Muse or Rammstein - among many others - performed at the festivals.
3. Bardentreffen: an open-air music festival held in the historical city of Nuremberg
4. International Toy Fair at Messe Nuremberg.
5. Blaue Nacht (= Blue Night): A night in early May in which street lights are turned blue, art installations are put up at the market square and other locations in the old town and museums open their doors to visitors until midnight.

All of the mentioned events are held annually.

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