don't blame yourself🌊

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There are a lot of problems going on in the world, but you are most like not the cause of them. Take time to think, it's probably some religious, political or ideological reasons that those problems are happening.
The best you can do is to find ways to help people who are affected by these problems. For example, joining protests, donate to organizations, etc.

pimples and stretch marks, etc, are normal 🍃

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If you are having self-esteem issues, is probably of the way you look; pimples, scars, stretch marks or some birthmark. Don't worry, those are completely normal. Pimples are an excess oil getting trapped in the pores, which are natural, even if it doesn't look good!. Stretch marks are common when you are in puberty, pregnancy, bodybuilding, or hormone replacement therapy. And scars and other types of body marks are completely natural.Also having more fat in your body than other people doesn't mean that you are not beautiful nor unhealthy. It happens to everyone!

it's okay to be sad 🌧

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Being happy doesn't mean to have a smile on your face 24/7, it means to find joy in life more often than sadness. Don't force yourself, it can make you feel the contrary, make you more gloomy. You can try to find happiness by adding more pleasant things to your routine, just little things you enjoy that can make your life a little bit happier. Eliminate toxic friends from your social circle, this one can be hard, but slowly, if they are truly toxic, they will not really care that now you are not their friends. Crying is also a good way to not bottle up feelings, if you need to cry, let it out!

remember 💫

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Everything takes time. Maybe it will be really hard for you to start loving yourself, but if every day you make a step closer to loving yourself, you will be closer to your final goal. Take care!