Have you ever sat behind your desk and wondered if your whole life was going to be like this? Were you always going to be force fed information? Were you ever going to learn what you actually wanted to learn? Was that girl behind you ever going to stop biting her nails? The real questions, you know.

Well regardless of if you have or not, you're reading this post therefore I shall assume you care about the answers. The truth is, I'm a high school student too. Swamped under homework, exams and the weight of puberty, life is not as easy as people think it is for high schoolers. I mean sure we don't worry about taxes, but not being able to even take a five minute break because you have to finish your maths assignment, is pretty hard for someone who's been in the world for fifteen years.

Which is why I would like to present to you a few posts I shall make about how to use your present to have the future you want, regarding topics on college, self care, self discovery, career and just life in general! I don't know how often I will post them, it just depends on demand, I guess. So if you have anything to tell, anything you would like to request tell me! I'm probably waiting for things to post about anyway!