Sometimes the thought of failing at something is terrifying.
For me, that feeling is prevalent whether I'm consciously aware of it or it subconsciously manifests itself as general anxiety.
You know, when you constantly overthink every single aspect of a decision and go through entire dialogs over and over again in your head and the unease you felt after that conversation just magnifies.


Today, I felt like I failed. Failed at doing something I had planned to do.
But then I realized, every decision I made and everything that entailed I made to the best of my abilites.
I did what ,in that moment, was all I could've done. I was in a public area and social anxiety (which for me personally encompasses e.g. the inability to talk strangers) struck me.
But I got out of that negative, ineffective headspace and thought rationally.
Talking to someone.
Asking someone for help will make this easier.
That's it.


Communication is a tool for problemsolving, not a guarantee.
In a situation where the only option for you is to communicate, you have control.
Control over communication.
Everything else is circumstance. Everything else just happens to be that way.
And there is nothing I... there's nothing you could've done about it. It was out of your control.
So there's no need to be upset.
No need to lose precious time thinking about it.
Even if the outcome sucked or didn't go as planned.

If you did everything that was in your control, you didn't fail.