I can´t take it anymore.. trying to make it work, trying to convince myself that he is the one. The truth is that it was never going to work, it was never supposed to be us two. I don´t need him even though I do want him, so bad. However, I am so tired of being the only one trying, trying to make it work. Another thing is that I am so tired of believing in something that is never going to happen.

When it comes to love you should´t be the only one who tries to make it work. I know that love isn't easy and all that, but one thing I know is that love has to come from both sides. Therefore both parts have to try make it work.

I am done. Done trying, because I really don´t think it should be this hard to make it work, even though I still believe it could us, i know i shouldn't.

I give up now because you can't force anyone to fall in love with you or to be with you, therefore you just have to stop trying before you fall to deep. Love yourself enough to walk away...