I see all these quotes and shits about being young only once. And guess what it makes me wanna do?

I want to tell that guy my feelings.
I wanna make out with every guy I see and block their numbers in the morning if I get their number.
Travel the world and sleep in motels, wear the same clothes for days and sleep outside if I cant afford a motel or a hotel.
Drink alcohol with my friends on beach when the sun is giving some space for the stars and the moon.
Get 5 puppies and 3 kittens.
call random people pretty and make people's days.
Not give a fuck about people's opinions on my clothes, looks, weight or any fucking little thing.
Swim in the ocean naked and make crazy youtube videos.

I want to make my life memorable, but I have school and can't afford a flight to somewhere where I could get lost in my dreams.