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Me again, ok This is the second part of BOY GROUPS.
This part come with more oppas and music too. (´▽`)


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monsta x, kpop, and wonho image

They are a super group, they came out of a survival program called NO.MERCY. Search the video of HUG ME perfomance it's so dsahjgfjsa

wonho, monstax, and no. mercy image
Wonho & Kihyun in Hug Me

They are super talented with vry good songs and the MV are wonderful.

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My Bias Here: I.M & WONHO (♡°▽°♡)

*Recommended Songs:

beautiful, dance, and monsta x image
BEAUTIFUL (Cool Coreography)
monsta x, gif, and kihyun image
STUCK (Amazing song)
minhyuk, wonho, and kihyun image
PERFECT GIRL (See this video is so cute)

Other songs are: Broken heart, All in, Hero, Shine Forever.


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Image by Blaque Pearl
NCT 127
Image by Vânia Antunes

I'm going to gather all the subunits as one, this is a mega project from SM that is a project group that has several sub units and can be put in, take out and mix all the members.
The members have several nationalities and with different ages also, so far they have 3 sub unit which are: NCT U, NCT 127 AND NCT DREAM.

  • NCT U was the first sub unit to debut in April of 2016 with two songs and until this moment they have not announced nor had a comeback. (6 members)
  • NCT127 is the second sub unit to debut in July 2016 this sub unit concentrates on promoting in korea since 127 are the length coordinates of Seoul. (9 members)
  • NCT DREAM is the third sub unit to debut in August 2016, this sub unit consists of the smallest members with a range of age from 15 years to 18 years. (7 members).
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My Bias Here Are: Taeyong & Jaehyun
  • Recommended Songs:
gif, without u, and nct image
WITHOUT U (NCT U it's my favorite ever of nct)
Image removed
MAD CITY (NCT127 Mark & Taeyong; it's an amazing song)
asian boy, johnny, and mark image
Cherry Bomb (NCT127 Coolest song ever)
gif, my first and last, and kpop image
My First And Last (NCT DREAM, our little babies)


Seventeen, kpop, and jun image
Amazing Guys

Yes they are 13 members, i know the longest group, but they are so good they compose their songs, create the dance adn rap af their songs.
Have great concepts and every one are an important part of these group.
They divide into 3 sub units: Dance, Rap and Vocal.

Seventeen, vernon, and kpop image Seventeen, joshua, and kpop image Temporarily removed
My Bias Here Are: Vernon, Joshua & S.Coups
  • Recommended Songs:
gif, Seventeen, and svt image
Very Nice (AMAZING)
boom boom, Chan, and kpop image
Boom Boom (Cool)


selca, ricky, and niel image
Truly Good

They are talented as well as very funny, have a great teamwork, they are too good in their comebacks, have many catchy songs.

gif, kpop, and teen top image
My Bias Here Is: Chunji
  • Recommended Songs:
gif, idol, and warning sign image
Warning Sign (Sexy)
missing and teen top image
Missing (Rap part of CAP kill me)


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They debuted in 2003 with 5 members but due to many problems 3 of them came out and remained as a duet. It's one of the legend groups of KPOP. With great concepts and dances.

changmin, dong bang shin ki, and gif image
My Bias Here Is: Changmin/ Max
  • Recommended Songs:
changmin, tvxq, and yunho image
Spellbound (Sexy)
changmin, dbsk, and yoochun image

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