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School has started and we can all use some tips I think. This is my first article, I thought why not try it out. I am 15 years old and I try to work as organised as possible. So, I hope you find my tips useful.💙

  • You can stick study planners on the front page of your script. Make sure you have a system for the exercises. (I like to circle the exercises I don't understand yet, mark the ones I have finished and put a line behind the exercise I need to get done.)
  • Try to keep up with learning words. (Actually everything.) It's best if you keep repeating words. I love the site Quizlet. It's all for free and super handy. Also, test yourself with Quizlet or using pen/pencil and paper. Then learn the words you didn't know yet, and start again. You'll see the list becomes smaller and smaller.
  • Maybe a bit old-fashioned, but use an agenda and keep it organised by using markers. (I don't mark homework, tests pink, appointments green and little things I mustn't forget orange.) When you have a busy week use a weekly planner. You can buy a fancy one, but you can also just write the days of the week (with hours).
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  • Arrange as much as possible the night before, like deciding which clothes you are going to wear. That way you don't need to worry and have to stress about what you're going to wear in the morning.
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Also, pack your back the night before.

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I think I go a little too far, but I also set the table for as far as that is possible.
Prepare next day's food for as far as possible, like washing grapes and putting them in your lunch box (if you use one).

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  • Use pen corrector if that works for you. I find it a lot nicer to use tipp-ex instead of scratching. Especially with tests, it's less messy.
  • The one thing I can't miss is a folder to put in all my loose sheets and small booklets. Otherwise, I lose them, or they rupture and that kind of things.
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  • Use more pencils and fewer pens. Particularly with mathematics. It works so much nicer to erase pencil than a scratch.
  • Make resumes and notes, while using a lot of markers.
  • Download a period tracker app. Always keep a tampon or pad, whatever you like to use, in your backpack. Start wearing penny liners a couple days before your period so no disasters happen at school.
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  • Make sure your desk is cleaned before you begin with your homework and learning. Also, put your phone on hold. Set a timer for how long you want to work (without checking your phone, getting food, just concentrate and the faster you are done), take a short break afterwards and set a timer again. You can learn words best when you take a short break for 10 minutes after around 20 minutes of learning. It's all about what works best for you.
  • At my school, the teachers use an app/site called I
  • Don't work on school with an empty stomach or while you're thirsty. Make sure you are as little distracted as possible.
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  • Personalise your school supplies. Youtube has so many fun videos about personalising/cheering up/decorating your supplies. Use washi tape, tape, banners, pretty paper, markers and what you can find in your house. School becomes more fun when you can show off your cool supplies.
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  • Try to be interested in the things you learn. Be happy about the fact that you have the opportunity to grow, learn and get smarter.
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  • Create a nice space to work on school. I personally work on my desk in my bedroom. I hang Christmas lights, placed a lot of plants, organised my pencils and stuff and so on.
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(working on it)

Hopefully, you could get something out of my tips. I enjoyed writing it. Good luck with school!

PS thanks for the hearts☺